Saturday, April 5, 2014


I didn't new about this make up brand until when I recently took a trip to Amsterdam.
When I saw the store I knew I had to go in and take a look (and of course buy some things to test out)
First thing I noticed is their wide variety of product. They have everything, from make up brushes, foundations to nail polish remover.
Second thing I always look at when i enter a new store is the price. Flormar is super affordable which made me even more happy (good excuse to buy more than one thing).
I got a nail polish, a lipgloss and a brow pencil. I don't remember the prices anymore but they where not more than €5.
First thing I got was a brow pencil. I needed one so I though I would give this new brand (to me) a try.
I got the darkest brown (no. 402) since I have really dark eyebrows. They also had black but filling your eyebrows with a black pencil is a big NO NO to me.
At first the color looked like the perfect match for my eyebrows, but when I put it on it had more like a red undertone to it which ruined everything. It also doesn't glide on as easy as I thought it would.
Final thought: I will not repurchase this eyebrow pencil.
I also got this lipgloss. Perfect color for allot of my lipsticks.

"Absolutely comfortable non sticky texture that perfectly adheres  and wraps lips. A soft sensation for fuller, sexier an sensual rounded out lips"

This lipgloss (no.p817) is really pigmented and non sticky, just like in the description. glides on easy and stays on for quit a long time unless you drink or eat something.
I'm really happy with this gloss and will repurchase it or buy it in an other color.
Last I got a nail polish, Black Dot. They where the first items to stand out in the store. Flormar have a super wide variaty of colours and 'texture'. I didn't know which colours i should have choose so my boyfriend chose this one for me. I must say he did a pretty good job. This looks so pretty on my nails and one/two coat is more than enough to get an opaque color.
I'm really pleased with their nail polishes and will also repurchase it
(Nail polish swatch will be up on my Instagram so don't forget to follow me)

Anyone familiar with this brand? If so, what to you think about it?
Let me know in the comment section below

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