Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I always reward myself for whatever I do and accomplish. So after some busy weeks at work I decided to go to the city and see what's left from the ZARA sale since I haven't been there since the sale started...
As weird as it may sound I am never exited for their sale but since they had reduction on their sale price I decided to go take a look and see what I can still get. I ain't gonna lie, I saw some great items but almost all of them were a size M...Well I ain't gonna complain cause I saved myself some money
Here's what I got
    Even though this sweater is a size M (which isn't that big on me) I had to buy it. I really really loved the Lion face with it's blue eyes on it. Such a statement sweater
I also got this studded bag. It's a perfect size to use everyday when you don't feel like caring allot of stuff with you ...

I still have a shoe and a clothing haul for you guys sooo keep an eye on that

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