Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Shopping Additcion

Hi Dolls,
We ALL love to shop right?
Spoiling ourselves once in a while feels super good. But some of us go overboard and spent way much more then we can effort, and don't forget to mention the amount of things we can do or don't do just for the sake of shopping.
Well yesterday I discovered this show called My Shopping Addiction (on Oxygen). It aired on October 15th, so recently.
It's where experts go in the life's of shopaholics to address their problem and by helping them get over this shopping addiction.

Even though I'm not a shopaholic I'm really going to be more careful when shopping by not buying things just because it looks cute or because it's a trend, but by asking myself how much will I wear it!

So if you think you shop to much (which I know your answer will be NO) or if you like watching these types of show, you definitely should watch My Shopping Addiction.



  1. I saw the commercial for it, but I haven't watch it (yet). But from the things I saw, those people were way beyond shopaholics.

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