Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: LUSH Soap - Honey I Washed The Kids

Remember my post about LUSH where I was so exited to have finally been able to put my hands on a LUSH product?
Well after using it for several times now I decided to give you guys my thoughts about this soap.
As I stated in my LUSH post, I said how much I loved the product without even trying it out, well I was really disappointed when I actually started using it, especially since it's one of their bestselling product

This soap smells amazing however you barely smell it on your skin
I need to rub it allot to get a smell which doesn't last either
This soap itself has a super strong scent (honey, caramel-ish with a little hint of lemon to my opinion) especially when it's wet or moist which I love allot but sadly it doesn't come of on the skin no matter how much you rub it on

When I first held the soap in my hand it felt really moisture but when I rub it on to my skin  (which doesn't lather either) it didn't felt moisture at all and leaves my skin very dry after using it. That was a big disappointment since it did felt moisture when it was dry 

I bought a 100 gram piece and I still have a quite big piece of it. So a little piece goes a long way

Will I purchase this soap again?
No, even though I love the smell I would not buy it again. The soap was really NOT what I expected

If anyone has other opinion about this soap feel free to comment and let me know cause the question to me will always be; Why is it one of their number one selling soaps?

Disclaimer: I have normal to oily skin and I live on a tropical island



  1. visit your nice blog~ done follow you 132# follow me back~ greeting from Malaysia..!!

  2. Awe:( I've always wanted to buy this soap. If its drying there is no way I'll get near it.

    1. Yes, I was really disappointed especially since it's one of their best selling soap :(


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