Tuesday, July 10, 2012

High Waisted Bikini's

I'm taking you back to the '50s where this particular style of bikini was so in (and introduced), but seems to get it's place back in the market of 2012
Some people may find them ugly but I think it's very classy and modest compare to sooo many bikini's out there. I'm talking about High Waisted Bikini's 
These high waisted bikini's was introduced on July 5th, 1946 to be exact by this French designer Louis Reard. These were the first as you can call them bikini's.
I found some really cute ones for those of you who are interested in these high waist bikini's
ASOS Picks: 
1. Techno Animal High Waisted Bikini | Mara Hoffman | Set - $364.54
2. Tribal High Waisted Bikini | Tavik | Bikini Top - $127.59
                                                      Bikini Bottom -$119.30
3. Scarf Print High Waisted Bikini | River Island | Bikini Top - $33.14
                                                               Bikini Bottom - $23.20

You can visit my facebook page to see a video I posted about the first runway they had to introduce these bikini's 

What are your thoughts about these bikini's?
Hope you enjoyed this post



  1. I love high waisted bikinis. Maybe because they remind me of the whole pin-up girl theme. But they are so classy yet modern & playful and they are perfect for an editorial.

  2. the ones you picked are supper cute

  3. That looks fabulous! Great blog; happy I found you!


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