Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zipper bracelet and Ebay

If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed I've been crazy about Ebay, especially on their jewelry's.
I've been bidding allot. Lose some, win some.
While browsing through the jewelry and watch section I've been seeing some bracelets which I immediately fell in love with. They are the zipper inspired bracelets

They are very edgy and awesome for Arm Candy
I'm still on a hunt to get myself this bracelet at an awesome price ( <$2.50)

Here are some of my recent items I won (and bought) at super great prices on Ebay

 1. Spiked bracelet - $3.75 (Most expensive purchase)
I've been wanting to get this bracelet every since they came out and I can say I finally got one
2. Bowknot rhinstestone studs - $0.99
YES I scored them for just 99 CENTS
3. Gold plated skull bangle - $1.54
4. Silver plated skull bangle - $2.30
5. Skull studs - $1.04
6. Multicolor beaded skull bracelet - $1.55
I'm still on a search for a turquoise one 
7. Turquoise gold plated skull bangle - $3.35
I think my skull collection is completed

BTW, I think I did a really great job on these items and on top of that they are all FREE SHIPPING!
I'm still on a hunt for some amazing deals (no more then $3) on some jewelry I've been wanting for a while now.

 I will update you guys when I get my orders and hoping that they are same as they look on pictures

Do you guys shop on Ebay too?
What are the greatest deal you got so far?



  1. i loooove ebay! i've gotten sunglasses, eyeglasses (wearing them now, cat eyes with rhinestones that EVERYONE wants to know where i got them), jewelry, clothes, books...just a fab place with amazing prices. dunno how they sell stuff for <$5 and free shipping!


  2. OMG! Thanks to you now I'm also on Ebay :P Why did I not think of this before!!! Btw like ur skull earrings..saw them. WANT THEM!!!

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