Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TAG: 11 Things

Hi Dolls,
I've been tagged by a follow blogger Misz. Berry from Perfect Shade of Brown to do this tag. It's basically 11 questions that you need to answer and 11 things you need to tell about yourself.
Here are my answers

1. Whats your middle name and do you like it?
Tessa, and yes I like it allot. I think it's a very classy name :)
2. Whats your favorite number?
Uhm, I don't have a favorite number
3. Do you have any siblings?
No :( I wish I had sometimes. 
4. If you could change something about yourself what would it be?
I'm very content right now but to answer the question I think I would want to change my length. I would love to be at least 1.65 m (5'4")
5. Why did you start blogging?
The main reason was to start building a network for when I open my online store (still pending) but it turned out to be something completely different which I'm super happy with till now
6. Whats your mayor or what did you or are going to be mayoring in?
I'm studying Law right now but will be moving to Holland this July to finish it and hopefully get my master degree so I can continue with 7 years more of study to be a prosecutor 
7. Where are you from ?
I'm from the most beautiful island called Curacao
8. Name a bad habit that you might have?
I have to smell the cup, plate or eating utensils before I use them. (I have a hard time with that especially when I'm not at home and can't smell them)
9.Whats your favorite TV show?
I don't have a favorite TV show cause I'm the type of person who can watch almost everything and love them all 
10.Who's your favorite male celebrity?
Don't have. I think I'm over that phase of crushing on celebrities 
11. Name a few countries that you have been to 
Costa Rica and more

11 things about myself
1. I'm a very short person
2. I have an unhealthy obsession with nail polish and earrings
3. My hair is super curly
4. I love to travel
5. I always wanted to be an astronaut. Still though, but I'm too short :( 
6. I'm a very quite person
7. I barely drink alcohol
8. I don't like to argue
9. I love food
10. I'm in a relationship for almost 5 years now 
11. I have a phobia for bees  

I tag ALL of you who read this post


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  1. cute ive been noticing that all the bloggers i associate with are tiny .. lol so am i


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