Thursday, December 15, 2011

Haul: Sigmax Brushes

I always get super exited when I receive something in the mail. This time it was my Sigma brushes.
Sigma had free shipping worldwide on Black Friday.
I couldn't pass that one since Shipping to Curacao is $30. WOW!
So I was like I need to get myself some brushes.
I was going to buy allot more brushes (of course the once I needed), but I ended getting only 2.

The reason I got only 2 was because it was my first time getting something from Sigma and I didn't want to be disappointed with like quality, shipping etc, even though 99% of their reviews are good.
So I got the Flat Kabuki - F80 and the Angled Kabuki - F84

The Flat Kabuki - F80: Ideal for all over application of liquid and cream formulas in large and mostly flat areas of the face, such as the forehead, temples and cheeks. This brush is perfect to seamlessly buff foundation onto the skin - Sigma

The Angled Kabuki - F84: The angled shape of this brush eases the application and blending of cream blushes onto the cheeks. It can also be used to apply and blend contour shades on the hair line, cheek bones and jawline - Sigma

Packaging was very nice and neat.
I got a red pouch with inside my two brushes and of course their Sigma folders.
When I touched the bristles of my brushes I was super happy with how soft and dense they are. 
I also got a travel size Blending brush -E25 as a gift.
I'm definitely gonna get myself some more brushes.
I just can't wait to start using my Sigma brushes

Sigma you are the best

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  1. interesting ...
    i think i ll visit the page too!

  2. I have F80 brush as well - this is one of my all time favourites!!!! I really love Sigma brushes!
    Have a very nice Sunday!


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