Friday, November 7, 2014


I didn't need anything but when I got the Yves Rocher Christmas brochure in the mail I knew I had to get me some things. I think it's really important to spoil yourself sometimes and just buy things you don't really need.
I love Yves Rocher when it comes to face and bath products. They have always the cutest packaging.

Even though it was a spoil moment I didn't wanted to go overboard and buy allot of products I know I  wouldn't use anytime this year.
I got two shower gel from their limited edition.
Blackberries shower gel and Redberries shower gel. Both smells really good
They come in a 200 ml bottle for €1,95
I also bought 5 nail polishes. Yes, you read it good, 5. They where 50% off and since I never tried them before I decided to get some (life of a nail polish addict).
Well, I'm disappointed. I know it's my own fault cause it clearly said 3 ml but sometimes you just order things without doing research.
Even though I'm super disappointed (with myself), I'm still pretty pleased with the quality and my color choices.
I got no. 13 Fuchsia, no. 91 Argent Givré, no. 32 Cerise Noire, no. 3 Or and no. Rose Givré
These nail polishes are handy to travel with. Small in size and lightweight. 
They where all €1,50 each
I also got a lipstick in no. 42 La Gacilly.
It's a nice mauve color with just a little bit of shimmer. 
Perfect for this time of the year.
Last thing I bought was a pocket mirror for €1,95
Yves Rocher always has these deals when you order in 10 days you will get a gift or if you just place an order you will get something extra.
I got a watch (which I'm going to give-away) and a mascara which retails for about €19. So I basically got everything else for free.

Even though I'm disappointed with the mini nail polish bottles and still happy with my purchase.

Q: What's your thoughts on Yves Rocher?
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  1. I like the brand, had some amazing chocolate shower gel from there last christmas


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