Sunday, September 21, 2014


In this post I will be reviewing Essence express dry spray. I saw this spray on a fellow bloggers Instagram and I knew I had to go out and buy it hoping that I will work.
I love painting my nails but since I'm always busy, or better said doesn't always have the patience for it to dry, that it often turns out in quite a mess.
The Essence Dry spray comes in a small bottle containing 50 ml of product for just €2,60 if I'm not mistaken. So it is easy to travel with. 

'Polish your nails as usual, wait 30 seconds then spray the nail polish spray from a distance of approximately 30 cm and your nail-polish will dry super fast!'
I tested this spray on #24 The GlamoureX Factor by Catrice. I followed these steps and voila dry nails without any effort.
I was really surprised since allot of times products like these doesn't do what they promise. This spray smells really good comparing to that chemical scent allot of sprays have. So it won't be suffocating when you spray it.

Only disadvantage is that it takes away a little shine of the polish so if you're going for that super glossy finish I wouldn't recommend this product but all by all this product is amazing and wouldn't definitely repurchase it.
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- Stephanie

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