Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I've never heard of these juices until I was walking in Big Bazaar. They caught my eyes by their cute packaging and of course by the 100% on it. They are the 100% juice, no preservatives so it's 100% natural.
They currently have 3 flavours right now, Simply Red, Bananarama and Beetle Juice.

Simply Red
Simply Red consists of 81% tomato, 6% celery, 10% carrot and 3% hot pepper. Extra ingredients: Onion, paprika, salt, chili pepper, coriander, vinegar, fennel, parsley, watercress and Leek. As you might see it has quite allot ingredients which makes Simply Red really intimidating. You can definitely taste the tomato, celery and the hot peper. It taste like something you will cook with. I definitely need to give this one another try or maybe be a little creative and use it to cook with since it has practically every ingredient I would use.
Bananarama, the name says it all. It consists of 12% orange, 12% banana, 40% apple, 34% carrot and 2% lemon. This was the first I tried and became one of my favourite. I'm already familiar with this taste so it wasn't really a surprise for me. I can definitely taste the banana, orange and the carrot.
Beetle Juice
Beetle juice, what to expect? It consists of 10% beet, 20% carrot, 7% orange, 7% banana, 51% apple, 2% lemon and 3% elderberry. When I was younger my mom always made raw beet juice for me where I was definitely feeling the dirt from the beet. Didn't like it back then but I still wanted to give it another chance. Well, to my surprise this is my number 1 favourite of all! It taste sooo good. You can definitely taste the beet juice even though it's only 10%  but it's well balanced with the other ingredients so you don't feel like you are only drinking beet juice.

I really really like these juices, so if you are looking for an all natural juice I would totally recommend 100% juice. It's 100% natural and only €0.99 at Big Bazaar.
Also available in other supermarkets like Dirk and Plus.
Oh, isn't the packaging cute? 

Stay Healthy

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