Monday, January 6, 2014


I'm in the process of growing my hair to waist length. My hair is pretty long right now, I might say just past mid-back so hopefully with good care it won't take that long to reach my goal length.
Since I'm growing out my hair I'm always on the hunt for hair products to either protect, nourish and help my hair stay strong and long...

I have curly hair so I do flat iron it very often to maintain it as straight as possible. Since I'm in the process of growing out my hair even more I have to stop using heat on my hair. Well I know I can't (I can but I don't like my curls) so I bought this Keratin Plus 3 Day Smooth. It's a temporary smoothing system with Keratin protein and Argan oil that de-frizz curly hair.
Keratin Plus 3 Day Smooth protects hair from hot styling appliances and keeps colour treated hair feeling healthy and soft to the touch. Anti-humidity formula keeps hair smooth and straight in humid/damp conditions. Hair will stay smooth for 3 days or until your next shampoo.

I'm really exited to try this product and see if it really helps.

Next product I bought is this Macadamia Oil masque by Hair Chemist Limited. It's a deep repair hair masque and it suppose to reconstruct dry or damage hair.
I've heard so may good things of Macadamia oil so I'm exited as well to try this masque.
I bought both products in Newcastle (UK) in a store called T.K. Maxx. I think it's UK version of T.J. Maxx. The Kerating Plus was £13 and the Macadamia Oil Masque was £8.

I will do an separate post about my hair and what I'm planning to do for a stronger, healthier and longer hair.

Let me know if you guys are interested

Stay Positive

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