Thursday, May 9, 2013

New In: Shoes

When the doorbell rang I immediately knew it was the mailman with my package. I was beyond exited. It was love at first sight until I tried NLY Shoes - Callie
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I really really like them. I was scared at first about the fitting since I saw some reviews on their site saying it's not true to size, but I still wanted to buy them. To my surprise they fit really good >>>  NLY Shoes/Jade
Too bad I can't say the same about these ones. Maybe I should have got just one size bigger but they are super uncomfortable to walk in. It's like you're walking on your toes. So I'm gonna return them back >>> NLY Shoes - Callie

Overall I'm really happy with 


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  1. Love them!! I absolutely love my jade heels too! The off-white Callie heels are very pretty! ;)


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