Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BooHoo Holiday WishList

The best Month of the year is coming, which I'm all exited about it as always. Well it's my Birthday Month and the time of the year I shop the most.
Since I'm in the process of  getting myself out of the comfort zone these pieces from Boohoo will be just perfect for my closet.

Trixy Sequin Gold PU Shorts

Andi Cobalt Metallic Leopard Print Jeans

Corin Motorcycle Treggings

What do you think about my picks?
I hope I can buy them before they're sold out on my size



  1. oh my goshhh I love all three! My favorite is... uhm no, I can't choose! ahah

  2. i love the leggings at the end! they are gorgeous! may have to have a look for them and grab a pair!!



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